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All my writing can be found on this journal, feel free to browse by the tags in the sidebar. All my graphics and graphics resources can also be found in this way. Most of the writing I do is short stories, some fan fiction and some original. I've participated in NaNoWriMo for three years (2008-2010) and will hopefully be participating again this year. I like to dabble in all the genres, but my favourites are horror for original fiction and romance for fan fiction.I play several instruments, my favourite being bass (electric, I've never had the opportunity to play a double bass). I also play guitar, clarinet, a bit of drums, and I'm learning how to play piano. Some people see multi-instrumentalism as amateur. I see it as wanting to do new things. My favourite genre of music to play is punk rock, followed by jazz. I like at least one artist or song in pretty much every genre out there (YES including rap and country), life can get pretty boring if you only like one kind of music. I also love Korean and Japanese music (favourite groups including ガゼット, BIGBANG, Super Junior, 2NE1, SHINee, miss A and Teen Top)Apart from writing and playing music, I also dance (I've done lots of different styles, but right now I do hip hop and compete on one of my dance school's production teams), play video games (the Rock Band series is high on my favourites list, as is The Legend of Zelda series, Sid Meyer's Civilization V, and The Sims 3) and compete in debating (just because I like to argue, mostly). I love getting LJ friend requests, so feel free to request or PM me! :)
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